Monday, 7 February 2011

DropBox File Sharing

Hi peeps…

How many of you have heard of a file sharing host named DropBox? I’m pretty sure RapidShare, SharedFile and etc are common but they are nothing like DropBox….I’ve been using DropBox for almost a year by now…

It was recommended by one of our customers about 11 months ago…I needed to get a copy of their SQL database as well as the software application folder to reproduce the reported fault/bug at their end…at first, I was a bit skeptical of the security and managing the files but after a while of using the ‘service’ I kind of like it very much as it is very easy to use and organise.

Having an account with DropBox is like managing your own database; you can create and share folder with other DropBox users by inviting them to the shared folder...deleting files and removing access right are easy as a single click on the appropriate button!

DropBox Features

Apart from file sharing, DropBox offers services like File Sync, Online Backup, Web Access and Mobile Device Access (iPhone and BlackBerry)So after almost a year with all the satisfaction I’ve got using DropBox….it is highly recommended…

I think the highlight is a free 2GB free space for a free account and up to 100GB of space for paid account! I have so far tried the File Sharing service so if any of you guys have tried the others please do share…knowledge is power!


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