Thursday, 23 December 2010

11 years away vs 11 hours in Sandakan

I'm now officially about 11 hrs in sandakan..the town where i grew up..i did not have many expectation but upon arrival i notice the used to be famous 'mamak' restaurant has gone favourite was opposite the legendary Wisma is now Restaurant Zakaria?? Since when si Zakaria ada restaurant di Sandakan..although the name and concept has very much changed i was tempted to try their foods..Habeeb was my favourite due to its steam chicken rice and fried was an utter dissapointment when i tasted Zakaria's fried mee..where did they learn to cook fried mee with oyster sauce..sorry but i did not even finish the food..too much oyster!

Later the day..I went to an actual habeeb and tried their fried mee..I guess they've changed the recipi as well after all it has been 11 years..Habeeb is no longer a favourite..sorry pakcik habeeb...

1 hour before dinnerIi drove to SRK Sg Manila and SM Bestari Elopura formerly known SMK Elopura but i wasn't able to go inside due to school holiday and their gates were locked.Ii could see from a far both have completely transformed..there are few new roads being built but i could only use the old roads I used and familiar with..

Tomorrow is going to be a tiring day..going to drive around to my known places and hopefullyIi wouldn't be dissapointed..hehe..

Friday, 17 December 2010

Farewell 2010 and Season Greetings

8 days to Christmas and counting...most people are excited about Christmas but for me it’s just a normal day in a Calendar every year...the only different is I’d usually be in my home town Sabah..I may celebrate the Christmas with families or friends but this year...I’m sorry I’ll be celebrating Christmas with long-lost friends back in Sandakan...10 years of my life was spent in Sandakan and I had plenty of crazy friends back after 11 years I’m going back to memory lane..honestly, I’m a bit excited about the idea of visiting Sandakan than others this year...the idea of not knowing what to expect is part of the excitement I guess...I’ve heard lot of stories about how Sandakan has interesting places..I could not resist the chances to meet up with long-lost friends as well as visiting my previous primary & secondary schools...I’m game for this!!

Looking back is one hell of a and downs are just part of the life cycle so don’t complain...I’d be lying if I do not have a moment I was worried about my life, career and future but I went through with open heart and huge hope I’d be just fine...I’ve got few highlights of 2010 but let’s just put them into one category- financial stability. I’m not rich as if I receive RM5000 monthly salary but I love to have an idea that life isn’t just about having lots of money or new stuffs...for me being ‘rich’ is being able to support yourself with your own expense without feeling guilty or regret of spending (spend wisely la ba..)

I was pretty cautious about work in the beginning of 2010...most probably it was just because previous year experience but I did quite well...gone through every obstacles as if I do not know what the word ‘give-up’ means to challenge myself to be better than previous year is always the motivation to me although I do not have a ‘to-do/achieve list’ like most people...sometimes I felt I’m just a care-free kind of person and selfish but I love the idea of ‘mind your own business’...I had a conversation over this with a friend and I’m quite sure the friend may not able to digest this huge part of me into practice...I do not care things when they don’t matter and relate to me at all (as long as I’m fine and not disturbed) and as a reflector I will not do things that may affect people around me...fair game? helping others is different if you already knew it's not too much of help but taking care of others due to their own inability to reason life is just a waste of my time...

I do not hope for any big upheaval in 2011 but as always I will do the best of me to get the best for me...I’m pretty excited about my new mobile phone as it is so expensive for me yet due to its features, I believe it is timely to change and it's affordable for me...need to buy instant noodles supply of 3 months starting next Jan 2011..huhu..I’m flying back to Sabah on 18 Dec 2010, at 19:40 and expected to arrive at about 22:30 on the same day....will be in KK for few days before going back to Ranau then off to Sandakan just a day before Christmas also to attend friend’s wedding and etc..I’ll be back to KK for sure on 27 Dec 2010 to attend friend’s wedding and go to Tambunan as final place to visit...will decide in Tambunan either going back to Ranau or direct to KK before flying back to Penang on 2 Jan 2011...

I’d like to wish everyone a very wonderful Christmas celebration and a blast New Year 2011 party!!

May God Bless You