Sunday, 21 October 2007

Play 2 Win

This is an online gamers zone, organized by a local company. It is a gamers zone but it has lots to offer...

Play any games offered topping the score board, you get the chance to win cash money or Play Station game console or hand phones. I won a hand phone (Motorola ws22) few months ago but I have to wait for about 3 months to get the hand phone - read FAQ. The phone now sold to my friend for RM200 (Retail price at RM399)..refer to Mr. Joel..

At first I didn't believe it too but based on several testimonials from their past winners as well as their pictures taken..they got me and they've proved to me that they're honest. So...what you need to do is, click the link below (or the banner on the right panel) then register yourself. To play any games, you must first have credit in your account. You can top-up your account credit either via online banking, your mobiles credit or a credit card. Isn't it easy?


Once you have top-up your account credit, then you can start to play any games you would like to play.

You all can see my comment (Winners' comment) on the left panel of the web page.

Good Luck!

Tribute to Queen (Freddie Mercury)

Last night, I went to this tribute gig purposely for Queen..

Started from last night onwards for about 1 month, several bands will be playing at Church Street Pub on every Saturday night..according to my informant si jewin... to commemorate the rock band QUEEN especially the best vocalist on the planet, Freddie Mercury as it was started way back in 2000 as a Tribute Concert to Freddie to fight the No. 1 deadly disease AIDS.

Two of my friends' band; PAKU and Sober In Dicember were playing last night. PAKU played some numbers from their coming 2nd album alternated with Queen's songs. They were awesome! Although, wan (Paku's front man) couldn't sing as high as Freddie but he has the showmanship of an entertainer. I was very skeptical at first when they told me they were gonna play Stone Cold Crazy as the song is fast, energetic, and has a high pitch vocal also they had been practicing for only 2 times for the gig..also according to my informant...Well,I would say, the best performance that night was the Stone Cold Crazy!!!!It was ROCK! Riz their lead guitarist was cool. He showed me...what he's got for playing more than 10 years in the States with the band KickStand in which had produced 5 albums with them.

Sober In December (pic on left)....I was a little bit disappointed on their performance last night. I don't know why but probably it was due to lack of stage experience. They played good music, their own and numbers of Queen. Most of us ..if not all probably me sitting down there watching them, wondered why can't they just 'relax' and 'be cool' especially once they're into the next song. I'm not saying they're not good though but this is where people can really see or judge a band or an entertainer either they're a good entertainer or just wasting time and money. I knew that SiD had been playing at Church Street Pub for quite several times. They had been practicing more than a month for this gig (for the record). Having said that, I really hope they can improve they stage performance on their next gig. Their song? It was ROCK and they do rock...word of advise...Please avoid tuning a guitar in between songs..especially when it takes more than 5 mins! Moreover, the vocalist was the one who tuned the guitar - sounded like the guitarist himself doesn't know how to tune a guitar isn't it?

Overall, the night was quite OK. Not sure yet who is going to play next week. Last night also, I have the chance to drive a Toyota City...Izwan's new car. Damn! the car is really well designed and engineered. I love the car..but it would not be my 1st choice. Wan's brother came last night and in fact he is a die hard fan of Queen..he had been to Queen's concert in UK twice when he was there during 80's.

Most of our topics that night were about Queen, bands that had been influenced by Queen and of course we did chat about how amazing was Freddie Mercury! He was a great vocalist and for me, he is still considered the best vocalist for a rock band to exist...*sighs*..mati baru famous mau mati..haha..sama juga my idol uncle Cobain..

Saturday, 20 October 2007

What a life...

It has been quite some time i didn't post anything..well..i was busy though...nothing to post was another reason..

So..few weeks colleague has resigned..although this is good for me in terms of career but I do felt sad losing another friend..he was nice to me...we've been together..I mean not together..we worked together for over 14 months...the company I worked for is just a small company therefore, losing your colleague has a tremendous can sentimental..haha

This is life....come and go..currently I am doing most of the job as I am the senior..sometimes I was stressed and on the edge of meletup...when I really gave it a thought..those unfair moments were actually another way for me to learn and improve..there was no other way than facing it as a man....this was the part where my true strength as a grown up man was challenged...thankfully I made it and it actually opened another new amazing page in my career..not only I became more matured but also I've gained more credits from my employer....

Last week, the company has hired another 3 new colleagues which they're currently under-training. Nothing much to expect from them at this point coz' I do understand how they would feel being given so many tasks..I've been there..I was more stupid than they are...

Since the company is dealing with foreigners (UK and Aus), having a little..not really little to be exact..some of these new colleagues are unable to speak in proper English....not even Manglish...I know and this is another weakness that our fresh graduates have...first of all, it is or was they is if they are not trying to learn..I know you are working with foreign company and English is the only language allowed as long as you're within the office compound or around your colleagues..if they know that they can not communicate properly even Manglish they should have started from there..lunch time..dinner time..break time or what so ever..I know I'm not a good and excellent in English language and I've been in their condition few years back when I started joining the company...because of the job requirement needs me to be well verse, writing and speaking..learning is part of the deal....why can't they...

It was their mistake if they didn't learn in U..some of them have experienced but with government wonder...why to get a job you must have a degree but your capability is not even a par with your academic standard? this is a very interesting question.. When I was in U..I saw lots of student..doing this kind of "being clever" thing..done they assignment based on others..I did that to..I is ok though but how about cheating in test or exam..why a student who is trying to learn and understand what they have learned can not score in test or exam..some of them of course but some students are unable to do so..however, some students who are only enjoying they life in U..sleep most of the time..every evening go to play night enjoy partying or hang out with other..then during exam or test..what these bunch of students did was amazingly blessed..they cheated..from one student to another student..sharing they answers....took out a note from they pocket or calculator cover...even worse..they have this technique to cheat while they were in a toilet..well that's student..being clever..but too much clever I the end..they pass the test and exam..others who struggled to get even pass can only feel disappointed...worse..some of these being honest students have to extend their period..these too clever students though passed their degree cert on the time that fair?

quality or quantity?we are going for the quantity...don't you think so? this is what I thought about when I was in U..and it comes to my mind when getting to know this people who have degree but can not perform based on their level of is better to have a SPM student who is good in communication and performing well in their work..

It is good to have so many colleges and the concept of open is a very brilliant move done by some organisations...I always like to think this way.."to be a successful person is not about being clever but hard working and guts will make the best of you"

enough said..haha...I'm bored...I wanted to go out but..but..but I'm on diet..haha...need to reduce the amount of alcohol though..hehe..