Wednesday, 20 October 2010

30's Gateway

I’m now a year older…thank God!

I organised a decent party last Saturday and it was really a happy moment..coincidently, Jew’s cousin came down from KL so it was timely to hang out and catch up with him although it was the 2nd time I met him..few weeks before I bought a BBQ+Steamboat set which uses electricity and it serves us quite right these few occasions we’ve had…very easy to prep as long as you’ve got necessary ingredients ready in your refrigerator…to cut the story short..we had lamb, beef, chicken, asparagus and of course enough supply for beer...I'm so happy I've finally got a full Dragon Ball Collection (Original DVD) and it didn't take long for me to watch it until the end..Tangkiu to those who have contributed!!

sorry picture taken isn't that clear
The day after … me, Jew and his cousin went (drive) to Betong at the Thai-Malaysia border…it took us approx 3 hours to reach the destination due lost of direction…we departed from home at about 11am and arrived at Betong after gone through the Custom-Immigration check up almost 3pm…nothing much to say about Betong as it hasn’t got any tourist attraction for visiting…main objective to be in Betong mostly for socialising..FYI, most people could speak BM as they’re about 10KM away off Thai-Malaysia border…night life is quite alright (Strip Club and Karaoke Pub) but price wise isn’t that impressive…we had a good time there though…went back to Penang the day after and I straight away went to work as we arrived just before was tiring yet a great adventurous journey…

That’s it…latest update sudah tu..hehehe..right! once again, many thanks for all the wishes..cheers chaps!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Rumah Usang

Wow..mimang macam teda update suda ni blog tersinta o kan..hehe..

These past few days or weeks I have been very lazy or it just a matter of time to pen down what’s in my mind kah tu..

Recently I’ve just bought a new baby…new baby that’s going to cost my monthly expenses...I decided to do this after many nights of could be timely for me juga….with new baby it seems like my previous baby has been ignored for awhile…sorry but it just that I didn’t have much time these few day/weeks…too many activities mungkin tapi activity di rumah juga…emm..

Good news is I’m back to my diet regime…no more heavy supper (bulan puasa habis suda) even though KFC is always my 2nd choice after work…yet I could not resist beer…hehe..need to start practicing ni tau before Penang Bridge Marathon 21 KM….betul ba 21 KM??? I do not have the confidence to reach the finish line but it could be one of attempt that may turn to be another yearly activity in the future... I missed the Merdeka Run 6 KM recently due to heavy rain and sikit-sikit sebab moginum lewat malam..haha…

Recently I felt great about my current life…I managed to get things settled… couple of things I had thought about doing this year I have now achieved except winning a lottery…haha… there are many more don’t get too excited but it’s not wrong to be proud of yourself as a motivational..I reckon this is a normal feeling for a man at my age bah kan…yet I’m not satisfied (tamak juga kenen tapi pandai-pandai lah ba) I have been surveying flight ticket to few other neighboring countries to ensure my previous target is achieved…it just a matter of money of course…looking at my availability I was thinking of flying to Vietnam at the end of this month but it’s too ambitious when there are plenty of things to be taken into account of monthly expense now..I could only say 2010 is one of my prosperous year so far...part of it comes from my earliest sacrifices as well..good for you wel!

Few more days will be another ‘year’ to the number…I do not hope for anything grand but I’d be happy to enjoy what’s given…if I were asked what would I wish to have for the ‘yearly’ celebration..I’d say the laughter we share when having a decent drinking+karaoke session…that means a lot than pricy present…I didn’t say I wouldn’t accept though if someone wants to give me a Microwave, 32 LCD Monitor or a DVD player…many thanks la..hehe. buli mau order kek yang cantik dan sedap macam ini ka?Haha!!!
I’m off for another long weekend (Fri-Mon) and I’m absolutely going to enjoy the break after working very hard these few weeks… it is what every each company/management would expects of a senior; dealing with critical issues without affecting your performance..fact is..non-stop of this could really affect your brain...really need more beer this weekend! Wait...October Fest!! Ye Ye...Cheers chaps!!

Kesian ni blog macam rumah usang sudah..sarang labah-labah banyak sudah..hehe..