Sunday, 6 January 2008

New Year 2008: What I’ve learned from ants

Its time to think about resolutions related to work! Anyone having a keen interest in the value and importance of work will by now have read everything and anything related to how to make work life more rewarding and of course interesting. My resolution is to do just that and make work a valued and appreciated part of my mimang la... lain la kalau ada RM1 million dalam bank..haha.. It’s a big part of our days (8-10 hours, 5 days a week...or some 6 days) and we need to give it a meaning that would be interesting to remember at the end of the year.

As for me..mentally, find 3 things that you don’t like about what you do now, perhaps 3 problems. Write them down in one column. Now make a column beside that one and write down the opposite of that word or problem. You have just given yourself three goals for the year. They are your work resolutions...i believe.... In 2008 resolve to strive for what you want to accomplish.

Share your goals with your spouse/partner or friends and let them help realize those goals either directly or indirectly.

When I was a kid for Christmas...this is just an illustration/metaphor OK... I got an ant farm, it was really just two pieces of plastic with earth in between. After excitedly setting it up, I had to wait until spring to find live ants to see what would happen. I learned about work, dedication, cooperation, persistence, innate knowledge and using all you’ve got to make your part of the universe the best it can be.

Those ants focused on the present, they lived for that moment and obviously for their needs and the needs of those around them...I'd never read any science fact nor story that an ant is a selfish creature though.

We are not too different. Look back at your 3 goals, note them, remember them and stay focused on those 3 words, those 3 opposites of your present problems. Your year will change. Your life will change not because you have made a resolution but because your actions and your work will become what it needs to be to reach those goals. Remember that "Work is action". The ants taught me that! Well..not only the ants but almost all successful people I've met in my life so far.They've never said that, to be a successful person one must be brilliant and highly educated. Least you can do to achieve your goals is work little harder. I did just that in 2007 and I've been rewarded fairly good.

I'd like to wish you success in all your endeavors whether it is caring in the moment with all you’ve got for that child in front of you or whether its building something or tearing down what you’ve started and going at it again. What ever your work, know why you do it, what it gives you and what you give it and then get going on your goals. It’s all about action in the present.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous new year 2008!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Massive Traffic To Your Blog

Google AdSense is a very common among bloggers as well as websites master/owner as a passive income generator. Therefore having more traffic to your either blog or website would be a great thing to happen. Most of Google Adsense users/members actually trying very hard not knowing that they have missed several key items in their blogs/webs. Well...including me la ba *sighs*

Few weeks ago I have downloaded a simple but effective e-book of how to generate a massive traffic to your blogs/websites. It could be my luck that after several days, I can see that the numbers of traffic coming into my blog has increased..referring to Google Adsense report. Having said that , page impression has increased tremendously which contributed to my earning..not much though but that week I got a mere $0.59 alone. Although it is not much, but it was a very good start which had never happened since joining Google Adsense. I've realized now that I'd missed these simple key items within my blog for several months or perhaps years before.

There are around 24 topics included in the Massive Blog Traffic e-book.
Some of them are:
#Submitting you blog/website to major search engine
#Write Posts that are very topical for the times.

If you're interested to know more you can download the e-book from the link given below. Another good thing is that you're permitted to 're' sale the e-book to others with your own price. Having said that, when downloading the ebook from my link, you are asked to make a payment ($5.00 which is cheaper than advised) upon downloading. Please let me know if you have any problem downloading or making payment.

UPDATE - I have made the e-book free for everybody - you just need to type in something into the "Payment Proof" field, not leaving it empty/blank.

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