Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Another Step By Paku

The Paku has came out with MySpace account... you may visit their site and do vote for them as necessary..

Paku on MySpace

There you may see all their planned events and if in any cases you were there at the vanue, please come and support local band.. another bunch of friends of mine are currently working hard on their new band unnamed just yet. I've joined their jam and their musics were awesome too...looking forward to hear from them.

I'm Back

Yes..I'm back from a long holiday.Not really long actually..he he..anyway..I had a great time..there were happy and sad moments..the sad moments should not be discussed and it has passed..there is nothing I could do about it anymore kan..ait'..so this great moments were..at first it was great then turned out to be the worst nightmare..what a stupid guy I am..influenced by alcohol I must say..I was blackout three times in a week..that is a new record that I would not let to happen again..that would be my new resolution..ha ha..Blackout? what does it means? Sorry..it was not the electricity but it was the neourons and spinal nerves in my head as well in my body that caused me to acts like stupid also memory loss...yeah..I can't really remember what had happened.. so be careful..people out there..who are drinker and juggers..do appreciate your body and soul..I'd almost lose my soul and thank God I came back safe with all parts of my body were still attached except some scars inside me that for sure can't be healed easily...

Enough with the great and sad memories..this is new year..year 2007! Looking back to 2006 nothing much to be proud of..it always be the same..hoping this new year will have some changes..will work on it though new year starts with a very sad moments in my life..so what ever happened in the past is passed..bear in mind that life is cruel and life never be fair for some reasons.. Does anybody believe that? ha ha... OK.. let start a new page here..new life and a new mission..he he..wishing you all a great year with all the happiness, lucks and success ..god bless you all...