Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 - RESULT

Ye Ye...that's how proud I am to myself at the recent 21Km PBIM.

I was almost done at 9 Km check point on the Penang Bridge…but I guess it must be God's way of work...

The first 5Km was fine…I just ran the way I used to and when it was about to enter 7Km..I started to feel muscle pain building up on my calves…at this point me, Jew and Brandon were in the same pace and close to each others...I think the cold sea breeze brought life to my legs...haha…the pain slowly disappearing and I could run as comfortable as I can to my liking until I reached the 9Km Check Point on the bridge…Just after I stepped on the BIB detector and few steps forward…heavy rain begun to wet the face of Penang Island…It was heavy as water from your bathroom shower!!! Not even 1km afterwards, my muscle pain came back and it was definitely made me worried...I tried to control the pain but it became every runner worst nightmare …both my legs were cramped… I tried to fight it by walking on it and stretched my legs down a little bit but it wasn’t working…when an ambulance came in towards me (there was an aged man carried by 2 guys needed an attention) I slowly walked towards the ambulance and asked for help…I asked if they’ve got pain reliever…no they did not have on the van..I then asked if I could stop the run and hop in…no I could not...If I were to quit..I’ll have to wait at the road side (under the heavy rain) for the shuttle bus which may take few more hours after the run has actually ended…I then decided to stop, stretched my legs and slowly walking for almost 2Km when I finally managed to get the cramp controllable!! Although the rain was still pouring heavily…nasib la..

I continued running slowly and steadily until I reached the next 16Km Check Point…from time to time..I stopped running and just walking but for short distance…by this time, the walking was just making the pain to its worst so I shall not walk too much… I thought I already late for the ETA because both 4 hrs and 5 hrs pacers were running in front of me…I think it was about 4Km to go...I finally got pain reliever and this time I got my whole legs sprayed…thighs to ankle and it did the work pretty good…I could run faster and better although the pain wasn’t totally disappeared…I managed to chase the 5 hrs then 4 hrs pacers and finally to the Finish line with unofficial time of 3 hrs 10 minutes…I slowly walked towards the tents were medals were distributed and collected my Finisher Medal..It was damn tiring!! I could only blame the rain as it made the run more challenging and worse…

I now got the official time of 3 hrs 10 minutes!! Well Done Wel!!! I was 10 and about 27 minutes behind Jew and Brandon…I reckon I lost about 20-30 mins whilst nurturing my cramp on the bridge but I’m happy for being able to finish the run within the ETA…it’s my first time running 21 Km and first time joining PBIM…look forward to PBIM 2011!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Event: Penang Bridge International Marathon
Distance: 21 Km (half marathon, ETA 3 hrs 30 mins)
Date and Time: 21 Nov 2010, 03:00am

Ba ba wel…siapa suruh kau pandai-pandai daftar 21Km Penang Bridge International Marathon!?

I’m really not ready for it..either stamina or fitness but I know I will not let myself fail this task easily..

The strategy is..run 5Km within 30 mins then walk another 5Km (no time constraint)..repeat the same thing for the next 11Km to the finish line!!!

Visit www.penangmarathon.gov.my to watch the live telecast....