Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Updates EM-PAY

IPC Discount Card
Every member will get one. Just present this card upon payment from our participating merchants to get discounts. Simple as that. Among our participating merchamts are Guardian, Air Asia, MAS Airline, GSC Cinemas just to name a few. And again if we are able to get cooperation from these 'giant' companies, this stand to prove that we are real and not scam if you are still worrying.

IPC Debit Card
This is a debit card in which you can use anywhere where it is accepted. The difference between a debit card and a credit card is that a debit card is sort of a prepaid card. You top up the value in your card and you can only spend up to that amount. But you don't have to carry too much cash around anymore.

Now this will revolutionise the way we pay our bills. Instead of queeing up at the payment centres or post offices, all you have to do is make sure you top up enough money in your i-Wallet and pay through your phone. No more queeing, no more traffic jams, no more fighting for parking. Expect services to be available for Astro, Tenaga, water bills, hand phones and more.All your earnings with IPC would initially be credited into your online account. You may manage your account by going to or by clicking on the link below this page. From there you may choose to withdraw your earnings in any of the following methods.

Maybank Account: You may transfer all your earnings into your Maybank Account. We currently only accept Maybank.

IPC VISA Debit Card: You may transfer all your earnings into your debit card and subsequently use it anywhere which accepts VISA Electron or withdraw money through any ATM which accepts VISA transactions.

You can use your earnings to pay your bills through our i-wallet service using your handphone.

Or... use your earnings to buy more units for yourself. You can also use the money in your account to buy activation pin from to register new members under you.

SMALL Capital but BIG Opportunity

Hi! How are you all doing? Last month I'd joined this new Multi Level Marketing (MLM) but apparently it's nothing like MLM as I know before/always. Usually MLM will urges you to sell their products and look for new members. This new thing called "EM-PAY" bit more likely selling the system itself. Let's start the story.........

In order to become a member, you have to pay RM168 (used to be RM138). This value is equals to 1 lot, which means each lot will costs you RM168 for whole life long as the company still running its business. This is the basic.

Quantity of lots available for grab are not limited but I would not tell more about over 10 lots as I just trying to give clear picture here on this system

1 lot (Silver Member) = RM168 (Earning may reach RM65, 000)
3 lots (Gold Member) = RM 504 (Earning may reach RM195, 000)
7 lots (Platinum Member) = RM1176 (Earning may reach RM445, 000

This is the starting point. Based on these schemes (quantity of lot), will decide how much you will earn for the next 6 or 12 month from your joining date. There are 4 plans offered by this so called EM-PAY

PLAN A - 1 lot
Passive Income:
No sponsoring at all, so depends on PLAN B

Active Income:

For each sponsoring you made, you will earn RM15 from it and for each Pairing you have in your family tree will gives you another RM10

Sponsor - RM15/lot (1 level has 2 downline = RM30/lot)

Pairing -RM10/pair (means you have 2 downline under you in a level)

1. If you have not sponsored anyone into your family tree - eligible for 50% of total earning RM65, 000 (This is what so interesting about EM-PAY)
2. If you have sponsored 1 member into your family tree - eligible for 75% of total earning RM65, 000
3. If you have sponsored 2 members into your family tree - eligible for 100% of total earning RM65, 000

Every month EM-PAY's system will automatically place a new registered member from other countries probably into your family tree. This is where 50% of RM65, 000 earning you will get. No downline and no sponsoring ever you're still entitle for 50% earning from this plan. 5% will be deducted from your earning for this service every month.

1. If you have not sponsored anyone into your family tree - earn RM2 (50%) for each new auto-placement member
2. If you have sponsored 1 member into your family tree - earn RM3 (75%) for each new auto-placement member
3. If you have sponsored 2 members into your family tree - earn RM4 (100%) for each new auto-placement member

Trend of Plan B - If you're registered during 1st-15th of the month then you auto-placement will be entered during that period too. Same goes to who registered during 16th-31st of the month.

This plan is only made for member who registered with 3 lots at minimum - only for Gold and Platinum. Therefore, any members who have below 3 lots are not included in this bonus plan.

Wworld Pool

Every 3 lots you bought you will get 1 point. Every month you have 1 point of yours and if you have 3 members who bought 3 lots at once, so you have 4 points into world pool reserved fund. Let say, the lot sales for that month (world sales) is 2, 000, 000:

2,000,000 x 4MP = 8,000,000 is reserved for all members who had bought 3 lots at once (all over the world)

Therefore, if there are 10,000 Gold Members

8,000,000 / 10,000 x 3 lots = RM 2,400

Note: If you have only bought 1 lot and your downline bought 3 lots at once, you are not entitled for the World Pool bonus.

Plan D

This is for Gold and Platinum members only called e-merchant. Every sales made by your downlines, you will get about 0.1%. It's so small isn't it? What if you have 10 level downlines; 2046 estimated members are yours. Each of them spent about RM300

2046 x 300 / 0.1% = RM613.80

Isn't that good enough to pay your utility bills every month? I bet you like that. There is no big hope for this though. Not saying this thing not good enough but this is more like a bonus for member.


Another interesting plan is called Auto Re-entry. Every end of the month, EM-PAY will cut off 5% from your total net earning into their reserved fund. Don't worry because once the amount has reached RM168, another free 1 lot will be given to your current account. I personally think it is quite brilliant idea where they do not want some members stay at 1 lot forever. If you're an active member working around the streets and houses looking for a new members into your family tree (Network), I'm sure within 3 to 6 months you are able to get another free lots of your own.

Not yet finish, the company will also deduct 10% from your earning for iWallet iMal2u. This means once you have enough point called "ep" inside your wallet, you easily can use it like your bonus link card or other membership card by buying anything from iMal2u like normal shopping. This is the use of e-Wallet other than paying your telephone bills. More details on how to use e-wallet can be read from the main web.

OR Malaysians > My Em-Pay (follow the instructions)

You may register you own by assigning my details below:

Referrer ID: (MY)WEL5217

Placement ID: (MY)WEL5217-01 (right or left)

Note: please ignore MY infront at first. When system ask then enter with MY infront.

If any of you would like more details, please mail to or leave your messages on the chat log box.